Privacy Policy

Our guarantees regarding your privacy

Your personal information

At Four Thirds User we do collect personal information sometimes for specific purposes, including registration details from people choosing to register for membership of our discussion forum, surveys, etc.

By default we will not, and never have, divulge personal information to third parties without the consent of the person or persons that personal information relates to. It is not usual for us to wish to pass on such information anyway, though if we would like to, our policy is always to ask for permission beforehand.

Regarding photographs submitted for inclusion in our user photo gallery and on our discussion forum, we claim no ownership or usage rights to the use of these images beyond their display, as the owner intended, on the site. We do state that all content displayed on the photo galleries and discussion forum are copyrighted by Four Thirds User publisher, The Write Technology Limited, but solely to protect this content from being used without authority by third parties. If we wish to feature any of these images elsewhere on the site or in conjunction with third parties, permission will be sought beforehand.

Advertising and editorial content

Four Thirds User is intended for a family audience and we will not intentionally feature any content or language that is considered specifically for an 'adult only' audience. This also applies to any advertising that is displayed on this site.

If you seek any further clarification of our privacy policies, we welcome enquiries and will do our best to answer them. Please contact us via our feedback page if you feel the need to.

Ian Burley

Four Thirds User