Kenton (Bear) has provided us with another nomination for the Four Thirds Picture of the Day, with a what I enthusiastically described as an 'epic' image, by Raj Surin, when I saw it this morning:

In Kenton's words: "Long way home shows us a view of India at odds with our long held perception of an overcrowded country where individual space is at a premium. The composition poses the questions: who is she, why is she there and where is she going? In doing so involves the viewer in the picture completely. In some ways it is quite haunting."

Great photo - thanks Kenton for nominating it and thanks Raj for capturing it!

And whose picture from the FTU gallery will be next? Do you have a favourite picture from the FTU gallery? Let us know so that we can feature it here on Picture of the Day soon. Contact me via forum mail or via standard email: