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Welcome to the Four Thirds User Fortnightly Salon

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  • Welcome to the Four Thirds User Fortnightly Salon

    Welcome to the FTU Salon. This is a simple photo competition in which any registered forum user can join in.

    You can find details of the very first FTU salon here.

    The idea is very simple. For two weeks, you have the opportunity to choose a picture and post it in a message as a response to the current thread in the FTU Salon forum board.

    Your picture needs to relate to a theme set by the curator (that will be me for the first salon!). Once the two weeks are up, the curator chooses the picture he or she thinks best matches the theme set.

    The person who submitted the chosen picture becomes the new curator, then sets a new theme of their own choice aand for the next two weeks the process is continued.

    We've been running salons like this over at since the beginning of the year and we had some fantastic images shown there.

    There are some simple rules and these are posted at the beginning if each salon as part if the new curator's opening message.

    It will be a lot of fun - so why not join in?

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