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The Weekly Close Up...15/2009...POST YOURS

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    Re: The Weekly Close Up...15/2009...POST YOURS

    It looks like a garden spider took ownership of the neighbors booty

    The rightful owners immediately demanded their booty to be returned; and the missus sent daddy to take care of business! knock, knock! Pardon me but you're holding my dung fly.

    A fierce battle ensued and you could tell that this dilemma would not be resolved amicably

    At some point, it looked like the rightful owners would see the shorter end of the stick...

    However, justice prevailed and the booty was returned to the happy couple

    And, just like in any other story, the sore looser just turned away without saying hoopla!

    All shot with the E-520 + 50mm ZD 2.0 + EC-20 + on board flash.


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      Re: The Weekly Close Up...15/2009...POST YOURS

      Hi again - I have severely remiss about posting here in the last couple of weeks - sorry, I would plead pressure of work but as I am retired that excuse won't wash. I've been lazy, that's all. Hope the following go someway to apologising ! All E3 + EC20 + ZD50 macro, no cropping on any except the spider's web. usual PP adjustments.

      Firstly, the bin laden of the campo (so called because it destroys everything. These beasties grow to be about the size of your finger here. 4.5-5in long and about 3/4in thick and they eat everything. The dogs like to snack on them. This one pictured as it is about to attack my grapevines !

      Look closely, there is a bee in there. The bees are amazing to watch as they scramble under the 'canopy' of the passionflower to get at the pollen.

      A very, very fine spider's web moistened by the earl morning dew - back in the days when we had early morning dew !

      Please enjoy and comments are always welcome.


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        Re: The Weekly Close Up...15/2009...POST YOURS

        Excellent shots again .. in week 15 already!

        I am considering a mamiya so everything is square this week ..



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          Re: The Weekly Close Up...15/2009...POST YOURS


          Wonderful series, I've never seen one spider pilfer anothers nest like that before. I wonder if it got it's meal while it had it's fangs sunk into the prey before it was run off.

          I'm impressed with the pop up flashes usefulness here.


          Yes you have been remiss and 6 of us are planning to hold you down while you are flogged.

          Then again, since you did come back with a very nice series, we may forgo the floggings.

          Really though, while I appreciate the participation in the WCU, it is never required. We will just have to be content with missing you.

          Also, I thought we'd see alot of the EC 20 and the sigma macro from you for 2-1, but I think it has been glued to your 50mm. It is a great combo.


          For everyone in the WCU, I say thank you for the kind words. Your shot adds to the quality we see every week and it has been outstanding.

          You are right though, week 15. The 4th of July is already here and the summer is half over even though it feels like it is just beginning here.

          Thanks for sharing everyone



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            Re: The Weekly Close Up...15/2009...POST YOURS

            Hi guys some great macros well here is my effert

            E-30, E-410
            12-60mm 1:2.8-4
            50mm 1:2 Macro
            40-150mm 1:4-5.6 ED
            14-42mm 1:3.5-5.6 ED
            Metz 48 AF-1 Flash


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              Re: The Weekly Close Up...15/2009...POST YOURS

              Hey Jim...These are incredibly crisp.
              If you don't mind my asking your tricks of the trade...
              What F stop are you using for these shots? I would assume a fairly small one because the depth of field is fairly large for a macro lens.
              Also, how far away are you with your 50mm to get these shots?
              Oh...and do you have a ring flash around the lens? What kind of lighting system are you using?
              Thanks mate.


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                Re: The Weekly Close Up...15/2009...POST YOURS

                I meant large F stop...small aperture.


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                  Re: The Weekly Close Up...15/2009...POST YOURS

                  Thank you for posting...
                  I have been looking at getting a macro lens soon ... ish. When money permits and I was tossing up between the 35 and the 50 (Obviously) and I think these shots have helped me decide. Not only is the 50 a much sharper lens (the 35 is still amazing) but the 50 also is a bit more practical for portraiture and stuff.
                  Thanks for your help...even though it may have been inadvertant.


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                    Re: The Weekly Close Up...15/2009...POST YOURS

                    HI Pete

                    Sorry I haven't replied sooner but I haven't been on the forums much.

                    Ill see if I can't answer a few questions.

                    F stop is alway up around f 22 ( f 11 since Im using a EC 20)

                    I use a SRF-11 Oly ring flash on the 50mm set up. My own foam ring flash on the 35mm.

                    I use a mono pod cocked forward to control back and forth movement or go it hand held.

                    working distance is usually a few inches on the 50mm and 1 inch on the 35mm.

                    I rarely use AF, instead I set the focus to the spot I want and rock back and forth a bit to get just what I want in focus. I do this with the shutter half pressed so as soon as I get what I want the shot is fast.

                    On windy days or with maoving bugs, I use fast shutter speeds but these leave the BG dark as there is nothing for the flash to bounce off of. On calm days, I lower the speed to allow the ambient light in brightening the BG.

                    I use the natural settings on both the 330 and E 3 and adjust in Oly master after. This means a small bit of saturation and contrast. I do sharpen 1 click of sharpness, maybe 2 if needed. I also add 1 click after resizing to compensate.

                    I dont really feel the 50mm is all that much sharper than the 35mm. More contrasty yes but the ability of the 35 mm to remain sharp and retain detail while on the EC 20 and at f 22 is simply amazing. Especially for the price, it is the best bang for the buck in the line up.

                    That's all I can think of right now. Getting that close to live insects is different for each person and each bug too.

                    Hope it helps, look forward to some images from you soon.