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  • Surprising what you see

    Walking along the canal yesterday one of the narrow boats had quite a nice motor bike and thought it worthy of a picture. Continuing past the boats I was surprised to see its cargo on the deck - as the sun was very bright I crossed fingers and hoped the boats would still be there on our return. As you can see they were.

    Motor cycle on board.

    Motor vehicle also on board.

    Olympus OM D EM 1 mkII - Olympus 40-150 lens coupled with a !.4 converter - A. Mode etc

    Regards. Barr1e

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    Re: Surprising what you see

    John may be on to something there. Perhaps the boats engine quite and it was cheaper to add a heavy duty bicycle type chain to the prop shaft and attached to the van then to fix the motor. Another chain from the rudder to the steering wheel and bingo... aqua car. On the deluxe version the brake pedal releases the anchor. I don't see any lights so the electrics are probably Lucas!
    "Stef" E-620 and stuff...