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  • Glen Coe

    I offered this image for critique on another forum but thought you might like to comment on here, this is slightly more compressed than I would normally use, but feel free to comment

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    Re: Glen Coe

    Nice image Mike. Good range of tones throughout and a lovely
    dramatic sky. For some reason or other the EXIF information isn't showing
    up when I click on the link so I can't tell what settings you used.
    Can't see a lot I'd want to change here, but I'd love to see a larger size.
    So difficult to judge the sharpening needed for display at such low
    resolutions, but I'd be tempted to up it just a tad with this to help lift
    the detail in the foreground. Just my tuppence worth...


    Beauty is in the eye of the photographer...


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      Re: Glen Coe

      There is a word in my language 'zajebiste'. It means - EXTREMLY GOOD!!
      Great photo, I have even no chances to make some like this because in my country there are no such landscapes
      Jestem chory umysłowo, rośnie mi huba na potylicy, mam łuszczycę rogówki i rozpi***el w głowie, jestem nienormalny i mam poskreczowaną pokrywkę na bani oraz bałagan na strychu. Moje pięty są strasznie zarośnięte, moje włosy przypominają szorstki zarost misia tatrzańskiego w okolicach odbytnicy.
      Mam pękniętą głowę. Jestem wyrzutkiem z wrzodem na mózgu.
      Jak chcecie się nawalić to wsadźcie sobie liść pelargonii za ucho, bo to podobno strasznie mocno kopie.


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        Re: Glen Coe

        Hi Mike,
        Nice to see a famillier face and name, I still feel it is a super image...
        Catch Ya Later
        Tinka (AKA Dave)