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Some time in the lions den

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  • Some time in the lions den

    So I spent some time at the zoo yesterday, and I got some good pictures.

    I'm truly looking to improve and I'd love to hear things I did wrong on these shots or places I can improve in the future.

    All pictures are straight from camera with no editing.

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    Re: Some time in the lions den

    You need to resize to no more than 800 pixels along the longest edge - these are far too big!
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      Re: Some time in the lions den

      My main critique is the photos are not sharp.

      There's 2 things:

      1- the lens seems to not be sharp itself or pics are very cropped
      2 the focus point is off by a hair and/or the shutter speed too low.

      Besides that you have the "moment" down, the pictures themselves capture interesting expressions.

      Ah in a zoo,avoid leaving articifial structures in, a line is a dead givaway even when blurred.
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