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How to correct the OV3 database?

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  • How to correct the OV3 database?

    OV3 offers a timeline facility, which I find useful. However I altered my filing structure using some other software and now it seems to have "lost" some recently imported files from the Photos view. They are visible in the Folder view in their new location. Also, OV3 seems to be quite unstable and quits on a regular basis. It was never very stable but now eems worse than before.

    Please can anyone tell me how to rebuild the OV3 database? I've tried uninstalling OV3 and re-installing and updating to the latest version (2.3) but that has not resolved it.


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    Re: How to correct the OV3 database?

    I use OV3 frequently, but I've never been too concerned about saving that data base though, although it is useful as I go back to some images over the last month or so & see what I have done to an image. I wonder if doing a restore to the computer (assuming it's windows) before the date of occurrence. Your files remain safe but I'm not sure if you will get that data base back anyhow.
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      Re: How to correct the OV3 database?

      Thanks for your thoughts, Ross. I was thinking that it might have a catalogue a bit like PS Elements has. I got into a similar fix with that once and whilst it wasn't straightforward I somehow managed to rebuilt the catalogue and fix it. I'd hoped that might be possible here. As OV3 is unstable on my computer I prefer to use ther programs to manage my folders. I don't think a Windows restore would work as it would be taking mthe system back to a time before I moved the folders, but the fact is they have been moved so it would be wrong anyway.