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  • Thank you for having me

    A big thank you goes to John The Heating Man for helping me late last night and into the early hours, to register and sign in I am liking the look and format of this forum. The web pages are 'easy on the eye' 100%

    2 days ago I sold my Nikon DSLR camera and kit to help finance the purchase of a micro four thirds or four thirds camera/kit. I am into wildlife and birds, stills and video. So I have been looking at Olympus and Panasonic.

    I am a member of the E-user group who have been extraordinarily friendly, helpful and patient. It is through them, that I am here. Thank you for having me
    Best wishes

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    Re: Thank you for having me

    You're very welcome!

    FTU differs from by embracing all Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds brands equally and globally. While the e-group has users from around the world who also use Panasonic and other gear, it's primarily a UK-focused site dedicated to Olympus.

    We're working hard to bring FTU back to its former glory and I certainly thank you for persevering with the 'building work' as we update the site!

    I'd be interested to know what Nikon gear you were using and why you have switched as well as any functions and features you miss and/or don't miss.

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      Re: Thank you for having me

      Good morning Ian.

      I hope this site is successful as I believe the need is there. I am a photography enthusiast and hobbyist. I had a Nikon D5000 12.4mp since 2010 with an assortment of lenses. I have a Canon Powershot Superzoom Bridge camera, which my wife now wants. In essence I am cameraless.

      Another hobby is that I like Rover 75's, sad I know Within that club there is a small group of photographers who post up. Most of them are DSLR guys. Only 2 are mirrorless. One has a Sony A6000, is into birds, bees and butterflies. The standard of clarity and sharpness that he produces in his photos, is something I was not able to achieve with the Nikon. Another chap uses a Samsung mirrorless. All of his photos are mostly of cars and look slightly over exposed, bright. His settings have become his style, a kind of signature.

      My wife and I are both retired and spend our time living in South Africa, Kenya and the UK. I will have to think about the question you asked about, the camera buttons I like or miss.
      Best wishes


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        Re: Thank you for having me

        Welcome to the site
        "Stef" E-620 and stuff...