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  • Saying hello

    Thought i would say hello and explain my reason for joining,i am and have been for a lot of years a committed Nikon user (no i dont need committing).
    My only real interest is wildlife and that is mainly bird photography,i have and use a Nikon D7200 and Tamron 150-600 as my main set up,i bought into the mirrorless a couple of years ago with the Nikon V2 and a couple of lenses,lovely little camera but it doesn't stand up to the likes of the EM5 so doing my research.
    Going to start searching the forum but if any one can give me any links to what i can read on using none Olympus lenses or original OM lenses via adapters i would appreciate the help.
    My intention at the moment is to get a E-M5 M11 with some form of standard lens and first off try the gear out with some cheaper adapted lenses,i know this will not give me the IQ but it will show me how well or not i can use mirrorless for my interests,eventually i would need to buy into the longer lenses.


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    Re: Saying hello

    Hello and welcome..Mike,
    I've been using the Em1 and Em5, along with the 40-150mm pro lens + 1.4x tc for birding and am quite happy with the results .. I also have the 4/3rds E5 body which is not seeing much use. The non Olympus lenses i have used are borrowed Nikon..with a simple mount interface so one has to work in full manual mode ..but can be done..i have the advantage of most of my friends having anything but olympus they carry heavy weight baggage and i manage with just a small bag-full far i've ended up getting a lot more shots than the others because i spend very little time setting up (tripod/monopod etc).
    My setup may not be the best in the world..but i'm happy.

    in good light, even the 42-150mm kit lens does a fairly good time one very obviously gets hold of the better lenses.
    E510, E3, E-PL1,E620 ,E-5,OM-D
    50-200SWD, 14-54Mk1, 50mm f2. 35mm,70-300mm,12-60mmSWD,PL-25mm-1.4,150mm-F2
    MFT: 14-42(kit)/12mm/45mm


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      Re: Saying hello

      Thanks for the welcome Raj and the link to your gallery images,will look at them and come back with any questions i have.