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Greetings from Canada

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  • Greetings from Canada

    My first post.

    I bought an Olympus EPL-2 this summer, having been used to Canon DSLr cameras, most recently a 50D and 70D. I was excited to use this new MFT camera, at least until I found this huge spot in all my pictures.

    The seller said she'd never noticed the dot but I find that a little hard to believe. The deal wasn't bad on the camera, which came with the accessory viewfinder, two batteries and two lenses so I kept the camera, figuring I would clean the sensor myself when it bothered me enough.

    So a couple of months later I screwed up my courage and opened up the cleaning kit, thinking it was going to be fairly easy, but the blob on my sensor wouldn't budge. I then took the camera into a camera store and asked them to take care of it.

    They called me next morning to come for the camera - they said the sensor was broken. I have no idea how that kind of break could have happened, but I basically gave up on the body, and started looking for another one I could use the lenses on, and ended up with an E-M5.

    What a great camera the M5 is! I love it.

    And the PL2 still works, so I use it to experiment with. I've already bought Fotodiox adaptors for my old Canon FD and Minolta MD lenses and am having fun with those. Fortunately the blob is quite high in the frame, and easy to crop out.

    I guess you could say I'm hooked.

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    Re: Greetings from Canada

    Hi and welcome -

    Pleased not all was lost.

    I think much of what Olympus release nowadays takes some beating IMO. Great glass and brilliant image stabilisation, all in a form.

    Regards. Barr1e