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Video clip from the Olympus Photokina booth

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  • Video clip from the Olympus Photokina booth

    This is where Senor Garcia talks about the future of Four Thirds and then unveils the new premium compact concept camera:

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    Re: Video clip from the Olympus Photokina booth

    Sadly, there is no firm commitment here for the future of the E system, only that Oly could develop 4/3 or m4/3, depending of market forces I guess. :\
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      Re: Video clip from the Olympus Photokina booth

      The strongest signs are towards m4/3. Note his comment about very active D-SLR releases from other companies etc but that that isn't how Olympus see the market.
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        Re: Video clip from the Olympus Photokina booth

        Kind of beating around the bush, which isn't anything new from Olympus.

        I wonder why it is that they can't be a bit more transparent as a company. It's like they don't know how much the silence, broken promises and pushed back deadlines are hurting them, but I'm quite sure they are aware of that. Though I must add that giving false hope to people isn't wise either, but they should lift the curtain a bit to give ease to the consumers.

        I'd like to hear that even though they wouldn't be here now, there would be a defined pipeline of cameras and lenses.

        They would only have to say that the E-5 isn't the last pro camera for 4/3rds and that there are entry and "semi pro" bodies on the drawing table. Also that they are still developing say the 100mm macro (which I don't know I'd ever buy, but still) and maybe upgrading the rest with SWD system.

        If they would share more, for example model numbers, great, but I would like to have some kind of certainty that I'm not riding the last waves of a system I've been heavily investing in.

        What I don't need is a suited man pondering about two systems and telling how Olympus will use them when they see fit. I'm not interested in something worse that I already have. I want the bright lenses (I'd want them even brighter than Olympus is willing to offer, but I could live with these) and not some f/5.6 micro43 lenses.

        Even the E-3 with the battery grip feels sometimes a bit small for me, so a PEN would be a toy camera in my hands.

        A lot of negative thoughts, but I'd like to add that I don't actually care if the camera goes mirrorless in the future, in fact I think that it should happen, because the mirror causes vibrations and slows down the burst rate.

        Also I don't care about losing the OVF either, but these changes can only be real for me if they are as good as their counterparts are now or better.

        That time isn't yet here and I need a new camera soon. The E-5 would maybe be the logical solution to replace my E-3, but since I'm too poor to invest in an uncertain system, I think I'll take my business elsewhere. I haven't yet decided which way I'm going or if I will keep my current setup and just buy into a new system when I can afford it, but sooner or later, I think that will be the case.

        Sorry about the rant, but that guy (how nice a person he may be) made me quite angry.