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  • Re: Sharing my Music and Sound Effects

    Happy October!

    Continuing my mission to provide looping versions of every track on my site, here are this week's new free tracks:

    On my Drama page:

    "PULLING AWAY" (Looping) - Perhaps from a small-town bus station on a dreary day, leaving someone behind.

    On my Fantasy page:

    "GENTLE CLOSURE" – (Looping) - Little ending piece. Might work in a game or animation.

    On my Funny/Quirky/Weird page:

    "SNEAKY CAT" (Looping) - A single bassoon conveys a quiet humor.

    On my History page:

    "THE GIANT GATES OPEN" (Looping) - Would you go in? I’m not sure that I would. Anyhow, this might be a nice intro piece for an ancient city in a documentary or a game.

    And on my Horror/Surreal page:

    "AFTER THE INVASION" (Looping) - An intense “aftermath” kind of track. Kind of disturbing, actually…well, at least to me.

    I hope some of them are helpful!


    • Re: Sharing my Music and Sound Effects

      Hi all,

      Is anyone interested in super high quality WAV versions of my tracks? I've been considering making them available for a small donation. Any feedback is welcome.

      In the meantime, here are this week's new free tracks:

      On my Nature/Science page:
      "Sunrise" (Looping)

      On my Positive/Upbeat page:

      "Happy Endings" (Looping)

      On my Quiet/Peaceful/Mellow page:

      "Ice Road Sunrise" (Looping)

      Two tracks on my Sci-Fi/Space page:

      "Cold Moon" (Looping)
      "Steamtech Mayhem" (Looping_v001)

      And one on my Sports page:

      "The Games" (Looping)

      Btw I've also been expanding my texture images library to include cartoony 2D-style seamless images in addition to my realistic ones. They are on my TXR pages. Free to use (as always) with attribution.

      Enjoy the rest of your week!


      • Re: Sharing my Music and Sound Effects

        Hi everyone,

        We're half way through October...and half way to we have:

        On my Funny/Quirky/Weird page:

        "Ghoulish Fun" (Looping) - Good for Halloween or a Halloween themed piece.

        Here's a piece in the spirit of a bad '70s cop show. It makes me itchy for some reason:

        "Side Burn Squad" (Looping)

        Two new tracks are ready on my Fantasy page:

        "Our Mountain v003" (Looping) - An expanded version of the original that might work in an RPG under opening titles or perhaps somewhere else.

        "Winding Down" (Looping) - Another ending piece, perhaps for a game or animation.

        And two tracks on my Aerial/Drone page:

        "Over a Mysterious Island" (Looping) - What waits for you below? Another track that might sound nice in a drone video…or perhaps a video about an exotic travel destination.

        "Reaching Altitude" (Looping) - I would love to hear this in a drone video…(I’m a huge fan of those.) But might work in a travel video as well.

        Have a good week!


        • Re: Sharing my Music and Sound Effects


          This week's brand new free tracks are:

          On my City/Urban page:

          "A Walk Through the City" (Looping)
          "Inner City" (Looping)

          On my Dark/Ominous page, two pieces that I think sound pretty intense:

          "Arrival" (Looping)
          "Secret Tunnels" (Looping)

          And on my World (and Aerial) pages:

          "A Thousand Exotic Places" (Looping)
          "Ancient Waters" (Looping)

          With Halloween coming up, I think I'll try to concentrate on my Dark/Ominous pages as well as my Horror/Surreal page. I try very hard to release one new track each day and I post them on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages as I publish them (if anyone is interested.)



          • Re: Sharing my Music and Sound Effects

            Happy Halloween!

            Let the spooky celebration begin with:

            "Quiet Tension" (Looping)
            "Too Quiet" (Looping)
            "Time Running Out" (Looping)

            on my Dark/Ominous page.



            "Bells of Weirdness" (Looping)
            "Surreal Place" (Looping)

            on my Horror / Surreal page.


            Enjoy...and don't eat too much candy! ;-)


            • you've been so consistant in posting your music links..thanks for being around..have used some of your music now and then in my personal videos.
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