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The Festive Fotos competition short list!

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    Re: The Festive Fotos competition short list!

    Well, I can reveal that sonyhome (Dan) is the winner, with his amazing picture featuring huge and colourful kites. I contacted him last week but he's been away, but he got in touch yesterday and so now the news can be revealed. Congratulations Dave! Your E-30 outfit will be on its way to you very soon.

    I'm sorry for the long and drawn out process for this competition and I promise the next one will be simplified.

    Indeed, November's competition to win a copy of ACD Photo Manager Pro is now closed and we will announced the winner later today.

    Last edited by Ian; 1st December 2009, 06:34 PM. Reason: He's Dan, not Dave (my bad!)
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      Re: The Festive Fotos competition short list!

      Congratulations Dave - a worthy winner


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        Re: The Festive Fotos competition short list!

        Thats a good one for the Christmas stocking - congrats.
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          Congratulations Dan! I really liked that picture myself, great work Enjoy your new E30!


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            Re: The Festive Fotos competition short list!

            Thanks Ian,

            Yeah me

            Now for a speech... Even if you don't want to hear it.

            This is the first time I enter a real photo competition with a real prize. I'm thrilled to have been chosen . I'm gonna celebrate with a couple of friends whom I discuss photo often (BTW a small plug for Anil who's a step ahead of me in skills).

            It was wise to wait for my reply before announcing: I was away with the US Thanksgiving break to remote parts of Death Valley NP, exploring where few tourists venture with a friend who owns a real 4x4 SUV. I could've never come back from there... Tourists have been known to disappear there. In fact, I injured myself and dislocated my ring finger there on saturday. I popped it back in place seconds after the accident as having the finger at 45 degree angle was freaking me up . The SUV also got hurt a little: its steering wheel is now tilted from making friends with a big rock, a little too fast. As usual, I'll post some pics later of our finds, since I bothered to bring my best FT setup, and used mostly a 12-60 lens.

            A small word of how I do photography...

            A lot of serious photographers do recon, and pick the time and sometimes date for their photo. I don't...

            I've been shaped by my activities to do drive by shooting (I do mostly outdoors and climbing photo). This implies developping a few skills that many decent photographers have: detecting good compositions instantly, and then composing it fast. Among other things, I often find a good foreground subject that has a good setting for composition. I then move to get the best angle for the background setting. When I shoot I will often focus mostly on the background or other details of the composition. People who follow the critics section know my comments often relate to the above methodology. I often also control the light with the AEL button, and the focus with centered focus point and recomposition. So those have been musts on my last digital cameras. However I will rarely worry about the DOF unless I specifically feel the need to detach a subject or maximize DOF.

            The kite photo I submitted followed that composition rule. I detected I liked the surreal proportions of the kites and the crowds, and composed. Since I already knew about the kites, my eye focussed on composing the setting: I looked to include the people as well ans the more remote kites I prefered, and tried to stack the larger kites. A close-up composition where none of the large kites was fully visible enhances the size impact of the kites. Fortunately there were many identical large kites, so I was able to include parts of each one. The viewer can easilly reconstruct how the main kites look as a sum of the parts shown.

            I have to admit this competition is what first drew me into the forum: At the time I was looking at the high-ISO noise issue which was bugging me, first with my E-300 then later with my E-510, and I was contemplating a new body but wanted user feedback. Some may remember more or less educated posts I did on the subject, and my conclusion that I could pust the E-510 to ISO800 before noise became too destructive. Anyway, back then an E-30 naturally looked very enticing. I've since then stuck around, learned some and hopefully contributed some value to the other users of the forum. For the story, I forgot my E-300 in Yosemite comming back from my first Half-dome hike (loose some, win some I guess). I had bought it as a 2-lens kit, because I was leaving for a Utah trip and needed a cheap compact DSLR since I had no time to buy the Canon with 100-400IS lens I was eying (too expensive for an impulse buy). It turned out a great choice, and so I stuck with the system, with the E-510 which I bought after that loss, again as a full kit. I even gave away a full Canon Rebel DSLR setup I inherited to a cousin, as I now think the FT system is far superior for my light-and-fast travel needs. I believe the megapixel race is over so the FT system will catch up on the high-ISO race and will then pull ahead with the MFT. I even have Canon friends thinking that they will not save full-size RAW files with their next bodies as 15MPix/20MB files are overkill and too much to deal with. I also now post more here than in the nature photographer forum, as I prefer the critics here (NPN has too many pros, and a lot of photos there are technically textbook flawless but unimaginative, so the critics there turned out not as useful for me).

            Anyhow, thanks again to Ian, the FT-user forum, all the voters of the competition, and Olympus for this festive competition opportunity.


            Bodies: E510, E30, E-PL1, Lenses: 12-60mm, 14-54mm, 50-200mm, 35mm, EC-14, 14-42mmL, 40-150mm, MMF-2.