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GH3: Reinstalling firmware help

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  • GH3: Reinstalling firmware help

    I have the last v1.2 firmware installed on my GH3 but I want to reinstall it again due to some minor bugs I've been experiencing. Also, whenever I reset the camera it reverts back to French language as it was bought from France and though I can change the language back to English it's a bit of a pain.

    Problem is the camera's system refuses to update since it's the same firmware version. Does anyone have any tips/tricks on how to 'fool' the camera into reinstalling the firmware.

    Much appreciated.

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    Re: GH3: Reinstalling firmware help

    You could try talking to this guy & see if he can help since he does it for Olympus FW.
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      Re: GH3: Reinstalling firmware help

      Great, will get in touch with that person. Many thanks.