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Low Light issues - Need Lens Recommendations

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  • Low Light issues - Need Lens Recommendations


    I've been having low light issues while both shooting video and stills, and would like some recommendations for solutions and possible lens. A big problem I've noticed is when I'm shooting video in a well lighted room w/ additional professional lighting, the meter is requiring me to add more ISO to compensate. It seems like overkill and I've been trying to investigate any settings that may be causing this problem

    I'm also assuming my lens is a big part of the problem. I'm currently using this: - : Panasonic HFS014042 14-42mm Zoom lens for Micro third cameras : Compact System Camera Lenses : Camera & Photo@@AMEPARAM@@

    Most of the problems I've experienced are in well lit areas, but I'm personally interested in shooting in low light situations, concerts, night photography etc. doing both video and still photography. A prime lens would be ideal for still photography, however being able to zoom is sometimes needed for the video work I do. Also price is a big factor, I'm not in the economy to buy 1,000's of dollars worth of lens gear.

    I've read this camera has issues with low light, so i'm wondering what solutions people have discovered over the years.