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  • New L-10 owner


    I am the proud new owner of a Pany L-10!I got the camera in like new condition complete with an Ansmann grip. I bought it as a step up from my L-1, which I love.

    My first impressions are very favorable. The camera seems much quicker in response than the L-1, and I like the way it feels in hand better than my friend's 5D mk II and 7D that I have been trying out. Much lighter, and less bells and whistles I will never use. I shoot mostly landscapes and portraits, so I'm not too concerned with 10,000 built in features or high iso. The live view is wonderful.

    This seems like a fantastic, simple, "bare bones" camera that was unfortunately overlooked because of Panasonic's pricing. The few images I have processed are just stunning, and at least on par with the Canon images. At least at screen size, and on the few 12x16's I printed last night.

    So, any tips or tricks from L-10 users? I shoot RAW almost exclusively. I am using Adobe's DNG converter to get my files into Aperture 2.2. Does anyone have any experience with this? Are there any pitfalls or disadvantages to this method? And, yes, I know the newest version of Aperture converts the L-10 files. Just not ready to upgrade yet.



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    Re: New L-10 owner

    I owned one for a short while, very nice with some very good features, just felt very plasticky (like a lot of modern cameras) pity they did not put the features into the L1 body.
    alltogether - very capable, very week AA filter so pics should give lots of detail.
    I also have an L1 but sold the L10 to purchase an E-3, both these feel much more solid and more like real cameras!!
    The L10 became a real bargain towards end of 2008/9 at a price of 300 (when I got mine)

    enjoy your new purchase and lets see the results.....


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      Re: New L-10 owner

      I could be wrong, but Aperture 2 may read the L10 files if you update the raw converter in OSX. I couldn't see the L10 on the list of supported cameras though.

      The E620 is in the same boat, you have to convert to DNG first. I don't have a problem with this, I'm sure some information is lost but I've not noticed it. I have updated the raw.plist file to have Aperture interpret the 620 files as though they were E30 ones. It's the same sensor etc and seems to work.