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  • L10 compatible battery packs

    Hi all,

    Just for your information I found out that there are some battery packs that are not meant for the L10 but are compatible. These are the types I aware of.

    1. Panasonic L10 original: DMW-BLA13E (1320mAh)
    2. Ansmann: A-pan: DMW-BLA13E (1050mAh)
    3. Panasonic: Video batt pack: VW-VBG070A (SDR-H60) (770mAh)
    (Since I have the SDR-H60, I've tested this accu myself).
    4. Panasonic: Video batt pack: VW-VBG130 (1320mAh) (not tested)
    (seems to be the same as the origional L10 battery)
    5. Panasonic: Video Batt pack, CGA-DU14 (1360mAh) (not tested)

    And off course there is the already in this forum mentioned Battery grip that has 2200mHa which is more than twice the performance of the accu packs.

    If anyone knows more packs that are compatible please let me/us know,

    Kind regards,


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    Re: L10 compatible battery packs

    This is good to know - (5) is a real deal on eBay at 8 delivered!


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      Re: L10 compatible battery packs

      Originally posted by DMC-L10 View Post
      This is good to know - (5) is a real deal on eBay at 8 delivered!
      Hi DMC-L10,
      Please report back if you will to confirm that the battery realy works on the L10. You choose one of the batteries that I was not able to test myself. So I'm interested.
      Best regards,


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        Re: L10 compatible battery packs

        Hi Ben,

        I won't be getting a battery anytime soon but I've had more of a look and the batteries seem to come from Camcorders. They don't go inside the unit from what I can see, they just attach to the back.

        This allows deeper batteries with more power and I think thay have the same ref. number but won't fit inside the L10.

        Looking at the eBay add again the CGA-DU14 is 1400mAh and also 2160 mAh

        Battery Size: 41.42x36.05x42.05 mm

        Battery Size: 40.00 x 36.10 x 25.00 mm for the L10 (acording to above link)

        The lower powered version may fit!

        Both are CGA-DU14
        The lower power Battery Size: 41.42x36.05x30.05 mm may not fit after all!



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          Re: L10 compatible battery packs

          Yes, judging on these specs they may not fit. Thats a pitty. I do use a battery from a camcorder in my L10. That one does work and fit, but has less power (770mA). The bigger ones would be interesting but don't seem to fit as you found out.
          Then the Annsman Grip could be interesting with the 2200mA, but makes the body bigger.
          Always those choises ;-) cheers Ben


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            Re: L10 compatible battery packs

            I gave up looking for a cheap battery and use the grip which I find improves the handling of the camera - for me anyway. I've never had the battery run out on me!


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              Re: L10 compatible battery packs

              The grip is for sale at Ebay.


              If you don't have it, now is the time ;-)

              Best regards, Ben