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  • L1 Dynamic Range?

    Hi, all

    Been using Oly cams since the start of DSLRs (my 1st one was the C2500L). Most of my critical work is pro-bono indoor available light shooting for a religious non-profit, so I've been using an E3 with the Oly SHG f/2 lenses.

    I started film photography with a Leica IIIf and always like the rangefinder form, so I just bought a used L1 that mates perfecly with my Summilux 25mm f/1.4 and Vario-Elmarit 14-50mm - I'm really enjoying the L1 for daylight photography.

    After some initial pix it seems to me that the L1 has way more DR than the Oly E3, and the out-of-camera jpegs are spot on. Is this just my imagination?


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    Re: L1 Dynamic Range?

    A larger pixel pitch, which the L1 and the Olympus E-330 have (same 7.5MP Panasonic LiveMOS sensor) compared to the E-3 (10MP) is not necessarily an indicator of superior dynamic range.

    I don't have figures for the L1 or E-330, but if you compare an E-410 (1st generation 10MP LiveMOS sensor) with an E-30 (12MP LiveMOS), according to DxOMark data, the E-30 has 10.4EVs of DR compared to 10 EVs with the E-410. The improvememt in DR, despite a more crowded sensor, will be down to a more efficient design, wasting less surface area of the sensor chip by reducing the dead area between photosites.

    The E-3 has about the same DR as an E-30. If there is a difference in DR between teh E-3 and an L1, it wouldn't be dramatic in my view and my L1 and E-330 archive doesn't indicate andy dramatic DR advantage over my E-3 shots.

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