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Help with options for LCD protector for L1

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  • Help with options for LCD protector for L1

    Hi I am looking for a good screen protector for the L1 and prefer a glass one. I have tried a few flexible plastic ones but find they curl up at the corners and begin to come off very quickly.

    The best looking option seems to be the Giottos SB 8252 which is pretty close to the correct size and is glass which I believe is best for clarity and resilience. But while these are available at places like B and H and Adorama both want to charge something like $50 or more to post one of these ( a physically tiny and inexpensive item priced at $25) to Australia. For some reason Amazon will not post these items internationally (breakage?) Nothing available on e Bay.

    I hate dealing with companies in the USA as they constantly try to rip customers off on postage and handling - especially when one considers that if you can buy from Hong Kong sellers there typically charge nothing to post small items like this.

    Can anyone help with alternate suppliers or models that I can try. Or better yet does someone know who might supply Giottos equipment in Australia?

    I do not mind using a hard plastic protector if necessary but as I say the thin film ones quickly become dog eared and have to be replaced.