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Best lens(es) for studio work?

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  • Best lens(es) for studio work?

    BACKGROUND: DSLM newbie here. I haven't used an SLR since the 35mm era. I just ordered a Lumix DMC-G7 body because dpreview and other sources praise it highly for video work. Initially its main use will be to perch on a tripod and do the video part of recording some solo studio musical performances 5-6 feet away. I've acquired a Rode mic and a Presonus interface so far, am accustomed to editing audio in Audacity, and am researching more audio (Reaper?) and video software.

    But which lens to start with? The standard kit lens for the G7 is 14-42mm. Is that adequate for my purpose? And does it have to be Panasonic? Cursory reading about 4/3 suggests that the brand doesn't matter, the mounts are all the same. True?