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Heros to the rescue - G7 focus issue

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  • Heros to the rescue - G7 focus issue

    I shoot facing myself driving. With the G7

    Sometimes although I look sort of in focus ...when I stop and the lens sees a lampost or something ... it sort of wants to get that in aswell?

    I sat up and tried to learn the face tracking - is that what I need?

    Is there a tutorial somewhere or a link? Or is it a simple click setting?

    I am a total newb.. and so have no idea what to do - I can post sample shots - - its mostly in focus and there is a yellow sqaure moving around I think... but the screen is hard to see from the passenger window... to check I am in focus.. besides I am going along

    I'd really appreciate a quick fix idea or help can owe you a beer

    I know there are some toggle switches on the back AF/ AE - AF and MF I think I am on the top one.. but last night I noticed you are supposed to then tap the button so that you see a red flash before you start shooting...?

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    Re: Heros to the rescue - G7 focus issue

    Use manual focus so the focus is set on your face and the autofocus is not hunting around for things to focus on.
    Cheers, Rob