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first impressions GH2 vs GH1

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  • first impressions GH2 vs GH1

    hi guys,
    the video-direct link below
    got the Gh2 towards the end of this shoot, shot everything at 720/60p, at that setting, the footage looks pretty much the same, from both cameras. (GH1 was not hacked). My first impressions of the Gh2 during this shoot: The high resolution viewfinder is a dream to use, the higher refresh rate is also very nice, af is a lot faster, being able to connect an external monitor and using it during recording is also great! Overall, its a big improvement over its predecessor. The control button layout changed which made it frustrating going back and forth between the two cams, and the batteries are not compatible. Another thing I noticed, the white balance presets on the GH2 are totally off, I am going to wait on the final verdict on that until I receive my second GH2, but it looks like Panasonic tuned the wb towards brown/yellow. The AWB works fine and everything is as it should be using K settings (2.5k -10k), but forget the daylight, cloudy, shade and tungsten presets, they are way off.

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    Re: first impressions GH2 vs GH1

    Thank you for your impressions of the GH-2. What lenses has you used with it? Can you comment on AF speed with any (non-micro) 4/3 lenses? I'm especially interested in knowing how well the GH-2 works with SWD lenses.

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      Re: first impressions GH2 vs GH1

      Hal, used the 20mm 1.7 and 14 140mm, esp on the 20mm the improvement is quite noticeable- other than that only mf lenses


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        Re: first impressions GH2 vs GH1

        Can't comment video wise, but the white balance is no good on GH1 either, so no change there! Very budget nikonesque white balance.

        AF is supposed to be greatly improved - Must be a dream on the Panasonic lenses which are alrady silent and pretty quick on a GH1.
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