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    I have purchased the GH2 mainly for Video and I experience problems with footage being to dark. This is in situations where there is not a lot of ambient or daylight but still not dark. Let's say a Concert Venue where the stage is well lit . The intriguing thing is that when I push the button to start recording, for a brief moment the Image in the viewer or on the LCD lights up and looks correct and then goes darker when it starts to record...

    This is with AWB and Auto ISO.

    Now I wonder if Auto ISO is a good thing or if I have to set ISO manually.

    I also wonder if the Hack is something I need if I want shoot indoors....

    All Ideas are appreciated. I reckon that I am a novice and maybe missing an obvious point....

    Kind Regards


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    Re: Video and ISO

    There has to be an explanation for this. I don't notice the same effect that you have described. Are you using spot metering by accident, for example? Is exposure compensation accidentally set to negative EV?

    I only rarely use Auto ISO, personally - is it possible that the Auto ISO limit is to restrictive? Have you tried a higher manual ISO than the Auto ISO limit?

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      Re: Video and ISO

      From what I understand you get much more accurate results if you use the movie mode (M) on the selector instead off shooting video from any of the photo-modes (iA, P, A, S, M). In the latter, the display is enhanced for better composition whereas in the former what you see is pretty much what you get. If it looks too dark you can still compensate with the EV knob unless you really do not have enough light.
      p.s. I had the same question a while ago and Ian was the one who put me straight at that time.