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Amputation .... or lobotomy?

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  • Amputation .... or lobotomy?

    In an idle moment I've been studying my GH2, and I think its looks could easily be improved.

    If you took off the pop-up flash (I only use available light), and carefully used a Dremel (other small power tools are available) to cut off the "hump" of plastic at the front, you'd only be left with the hotshoe assembly sticking up to spoil what would be a nice low profile. And I'm sure the hotshoe could be taken away - unless there are other gubbins inside it. A bit of auto filler would give a good smooth finish. You could even colour it with a felt-tip pen to let it blend in.

    Has anyone a spare GH2 body they would care to donate for me to experiment on? I'd use my own, but I like the camera too much.
    Stephen -
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    Re: Amputation .... or lobotomy?

    I think it would work. Good try on the spare body too.
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