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  • Lumix GH1 video

    Just started taking video on my GH1 .... the results are excellent. But - I cant understand all the files and folders on my SD card. To start with, I couldn't even find the video clips, but then I found them in the "STREAM" folder. This is how I found them:
    Clicked the "PRIVATE" folder and that opens up 2 more
    I clicked "AVCHD" which opened up 3 more
    Clicked on "BDMV" which opened up 5 more
    Clicked on "STREAM" and there were all my clips.

    I only found them by sheer luck. What are they all, and how can I understand them?

    I've moved the actual clips into a folder on my PC and they seem to play OK, but what about all those files and folders still on the card. Can I delete them all, ready to start again with a clean card ?

    Glad of any help.

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    Re: Lumix GH1 video

    Once you have them copied to the PC you can reformat your card and start again. I always copied the file structure "Private" folder and all contents within to my computer. Some editing programs on import footage needed to import by pointing to the " Private" folder which brought in all the clips. Depends on your system and editing software.


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      Re: Lumix GH1 video

      Great - thanks, i'll go ahead and clear it.