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Flash settings on GF3

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  • Flash settings on GF3

    I just got a GF3 and love the feel and performance of the camera.

    There is one thing that is driving me nuts--how to set the flash to Forced On. All that the user manual (both hard copy and the one on the CD) tell you is that this is one of the modes for the flash. It does NOT tell you how to set it to that state. I have looked for a button, looked in the menu settings, and everywhere that I can think of.

    It is probably there somewhere, but it is certainly not intuitive.

    A specific shot that I wanted to take was in iA-macro mode. The flower is in a tree and overhead so that it is strongly backlit. So, to get the flower to show up in the photo, I need to use the flash. The flash pops up like it is supposed to, but the only setting that I can see is Auto. Since the camera senses that there is plenty of light otherwise, the flash does not fire.

    I know that it can be set--I just cannot figure out how. Anybody?

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    Re: Flash settings on GF3

    Hi there, just wondered if you worked out how to set the flash to Forced On? I am also having trouble finding out how to do it!