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  • DMC GF3 noob

    Hello folks. I just acquired two days ago the Panasonic dmc-gf3. I wanted to get a CSC so I was face to decide between the Panasonic , Olympus pen or Sony nex. The Sony got out of the race pretty darn fast as the menu on it was unspeakably horrific , really it was like a bad joke. Not to mention lenses weren't that good. So in the end went for the dmc-gf3 as it was quite alot cheaper here then the e-pl3 and I also din't like their lenses much.

    So here I am a new micro 4/3 user looking for tips from people who have used these systems.

    Went down to the yard and took some quick test shots.

    Hope I get to play around with it more the coming days.

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    Re: DMC GF3 noob

    Panasonic is being very aggressive on pricing at the moment - which is great news for buyers of course

    Yes, the Sony NEX models apart from the 7 have a compromised UI because of their design strategy of limiting the number of buttons on body. I always felt the NEX UI was designed for touch screen and they have now started to introduce touch screen models, but also the lenses are relatively large and bulky because of the larger sensor size.

    Micro Four Thirds is arguably in the sweet spot for size and image quality.

    I like the flower shot on your Flickr page - nice colour, and demonstrates the ability to blur the background with a larger aperture.

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      Re: DMC GF3 noob

      I'm hopping to get soon a pancake lens to replace my current 14-42 which makes the camera impossible to fit in my pocket. Should I go for the Zukio one for the Panasonic?
      I also got some new shots today.


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        Re: DMC GF3 noob

        also purchased a gf3 as the pricing was to good to resist..Love the small size and the versatility of interchangable lenses..Dont mid a camera without dials..if i want dials i can just pick up my dslr or my g11..So far i have the kit zoom and a 45-200..Will probably buy a 20mm pancake in the near future..