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  • New G3 owner

    Hello to everyone,
    Just got a G3 that I'm still learning how to use it & set it up.

    I wondered if there was a book or DVD ( preferable ) available to guide a novice owner through using it, as the very small and aptly named "Basic Operating Instructions " booklet and the supplied CD rom don't show clearly how to access & use the extremely numerous functions this camera has.

    Despite trying to follow the info given I can't seem to get the buttons to do what they are supposed to, mainly the drive mode button as when I press it in 'P' mode on the control dial all I get up is the 'Direct Focus Area' grid ( 5 yellow rectangles ) showing 'ON' and the ability to move it around the rear screen by using the cursor buttons.

    Not what the manuals show or say.

    It's probably me doing something wrong !

    Can anyone help me out

    Many Thanks.

    A confused G3 novice

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    Re: New G3 owner

    You may wonder why you've not had a response before now - could be because you've posted in the GF3 forum instead of the one for the G3.

    Anyhoo....perhaps the weakspot in Panasonic cameras is that the documentation is not what it might be. Best approach I've found is to have the "Panasonic Owners Manual for Advanced Features" on your computer - it's a pdf file and you can easily search for any topic you want using "Edit/Find" from the menu (command F). The pdf file should be on the DVD that came with the camera, otherwise it can be downloaded from Panasonic. The printed book is not so easy to search in.
    To change the focus mode, press the button to the left of the menu set button, (Page 83 in the manual) you can then choose the method you prefer.

    It's a great camera, you just need to keep digging away to reveal the many intricacies.


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      Re: New G3 owner

      Thanks for that and oopps 'bout posting in the wrong place!

      How can I transfer my post into the G3 forum, if possible ?

      I've transfered the CD manual onto my laptop,but still finding my way around.


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        Re: New G3 owner

        I'm new around here, so I don't know how to transfer a post. Maybe there's an admin who could arrange that?