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  • Focus Issue / Photo Viewer


    I am in the process of learning how to use my GF-2. I upgraded from a P&S canon, and while I love the upgrade, I am having some issues with the use of the camera.

    1. Focusing - I notice that when I zoom in to take a shot of an object, say my watch sitting on the table, the camera will not focus on the watch, but rather the table. I've set the focal point to center, but it still won't focus. If I zoom out, it works, but I am wanting a close up shot. I figured it is a setting that I am missing.

    2. I notice that when I take day shots with a bright background, say the blue sky, and then I review my picture on the camera's screen, the white/lighter portion of the picture is flashing white and black. Is this normal? Is it another setting issue, or do I need to upgrade my software.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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    Re: Focus Issue / Photo Viewer

    1 - I don't know the specifics of the camera/lense set up, but I am guessing that you are inside the minimum focus distance when you are shooting the watch, but not for the table.
    2 - There should be a setting for the viewing which will eliminate the "highlight" feature. On my Olympus, I would just keep pushing the "info" button while viewing. I don't know how it is done with Panasonic.
    I hope this helps.

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      Re: Focus Issue / Photo Viewer

      The flashing you see during image playback is the highlight/shadow warning. It tells you when highlights (bright areas) are "blown out" and when shadows are "blocked." In either of these cases, the brightness or darkness has exceeded the dynamic range (the range of light and dark tones that can be captured) and all detail in the flashing area has been lost.

      This is essentially an exposure issue. The sky is typically much brighter than the subject of your photo. What the camera has done is set the exposure to properly capture the subject. As a result, the sky is overexposed to the point that the camera's sensor can't capture its brightness. If you view the photo on your computer (or if you turn off the highlight/shadow warning in the camera), you will probably find that the sky is rendered as white.

      There are a few solutions to this problem, though none may be ideal. One is to exclude the sky from the frame when taking a photo in conditions that cause this problem. Another is to set the camera to underexpose, which will preserve detail in the sky, but make the subject too dark. The third is to use fill-flash, which, if set correctly, can brighten up the subject while keeping the exposure for the sky correct.

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