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howdy! disengaging lens from G6 body?

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  • howdy! disengaging lens from G6 body?

    Howdy folks! Merry Xmas!

    Hope your well.

    Quick question if I may?

    Getting stuck into time lapses & keen to try & disengage the lens to remove aperture flicker. Is that as simple as pressing lens release button & twisting? I see other camera's, you should press & hold DOF button.....but as far as Im aware the G6 doesnt have this DOF button?

    Cheers for thoughts & replies!

    Ro :-)

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    Re: howdy! disengaging lens from G6 body?

    Not sure what you mean by disengaging the lens to reduce flicker? But shooting Manual exposure (keeping the same aperture), will stop flicker.


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      Re: howdy! disengaging lens from G6 body?

      Cheers Rob for your reply.....:-)

      I hear that, even with keeping the same aperture, u may get some small flicker from when the lens doesnt quite go back to the exact same aperture for the next shot.....

      so people seem to slightly undo the lens/ automatic settings to ensure also using the DOF button....but as the G6 doesnt seem to have this button - im wondering if undoing the lens slightly still works?



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        Re: howdy! disengaging lens from G6 body?

        Try shooting manual. Undoing the lens slightly will make the lens manual without control of the aperture, a bit risky. Or why not shoot will manual lenses and an adaptor?
        I use Minolta MD Rokkor lenses, 50mm 1.4 & 28mm 2.8


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          Re: howdy! disengaging lens from G6 body?


          I will try untwisting lens & see what happens

          yeah - manual lens an option I realise. I already have the compact 4/3 lenses that i want/ like (nice & small for our 2 week wilderness trips) & so trying 2 work with those. leica 50mm 1.4 & pana 12-35 2.8...

          are all manual lenses old or can u buy them new? i do have an old analogue manual lense but its 50mm (100mm for 4/3rd's) which is too telephoto...

          think i will try full manual, lens wide open, longer shutter, compare lens engaged & disengaged.

          I will be shooting in s-w tasmania in river gorges where hopefully/ usually it doesnt get too bright so I will hopefully get a fair way before it gets too overexposed?!


          ro :-)