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News from Japan 3-31-11

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  • News from Japan 3-31-11

    With apologies to Henk:

    "Panasonic Corp said continuing aftershocks were preventing it from inspecting two factories in northern Japan, one making electronic parts and another digital cameras and audio equipment. It said a lack of proper power and water supply was a potential bottleneck.

    Securing a stable power supply relatively cheaply could prove to be a major hurdle for companies, analysts said." Reuters US online edition
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    Re: News from Japan 3-31-11

    Let's hope they get back on their feet ASAP, same goes for everyone affected. Seems like they've managed to get off relatively lightly considering the damage done elsewhere.
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      Re: News from Japan 3-31-11

      Getting factories like this back online is important for the whole community to be able to get back on their feet. They want and need some sort of start of a return to normality.
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