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Wiggy adapter mount??

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  • HELP! Wiggy adapter mount??

    Ok, why can't I get my FD-4/3 adapter to work? I've gone into the scrfeen screen and specified Shoot W/O lens, but I still get the message, "The lens is not properly attached."

    Background -- I've had this camera for quite a while and kept it in my purse with the 20mm lens. The GF1 and 20mm did get banged once from being in my purse. the lens had a small hit on the filter and the filter was tough to unscrew, but the real damage was the battery door lock, which Panasonic repaired.

    The 20mm seemed to be as sharp as ever, and I added a 14-140. They swap fine,

    But I got some FD lens which I'd like to use, but haven't had much luck getting the adapter and lens to register. I think the adapter's from fotodix.

    My question -- should I buy another adapter? Would that make a difference in how the adapter clicked onto the body?

    thanks. Geraldine