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  • Small Advice from Experts please

    I have been lurking here for a while and you guys are far more advanced than me. Please give me a hand.
    I have been researching the purchase of a new camera for a while, since my last one took a bath. I would describe my photography experience as newbie novice amateur who has been taking pictures for 50 years. I learned how to use a camera fire an old Nikon, and I have used Nikon dslrs, like a DSLRs, Canon point-and-shoot and a Canon DSLR digital. I'm usually able to figure out how to use anything, but my theoretical skills suck.

    My pictures can be pretty damn good if I say so myself kind of considering My overall worthlessness in the film world and frequently lack of super Quality Equipment. But even the Blind pig catches an acorn. I do have video e experience at least in front of the camera as opposed to behind it with professional Crews, so I learned a lot about Framing and Lighting, but I have had some equipment limitations.

    I decided on the Lumix for a variety of reasons. It will probably take better pictures than I can ever do, has the ability to take 4K video and all the other good features, combined with what I consider to be a reasonable price range. Basically, I need more than something that's going to fit in my pocket, even if it is the Canon super zoom, but I don't need a $3,000 state-of-the-art professional rig. So I've been looking, studying, reading this forum and decided on the g85.

    I guess looking these forms that everybody uses their cameras their own way. Me, the issue is portability. I don't like carrying anything more than a fanny pack with some water. When you are riding the SkyTrain in Bangkok during rush hour with a bag of stuff, you know what the word cramped means. I think the gx85 it's small enough to meet my needs for 24 7 Carry, as long as I don't have some gigunda lens.

    The camera would be used for Street photography in Asia. That includes all sorts of strange and exotic places . I'm not going to be out in the jungle, but I'm going to be in some primitive areas. Primarily though, it's going to be cities. I will also be doing video, and setting up a YouTube channel for for my followers on Facebook, which I already have about 9,000. I have a professional video editor on call.

    Basically this, is going to be used for the purposes of Wither I goest, it goest.

    Percentage-wise, based on my prior use of cameras, I tend to use zoom and macro a lot. My macro I mean close-ups of flowers and insects and strange creatures or frogs on ice on the streets of Bangkok. By zooming I mean I see someone's laundry hanging on a balcony, and it's waiting in the breeze so I hit that. I'm not one for fisheye and special effects lenses. Because I don't know how to use them. Basically, I need one grab-and-go that is going to take great video, and decent pictures. Some of that lets me learn how to use the different features and better my pathetic Skills.

    So the g85 it is. My question is do I buy it with the 12 by 60 kit guns or do I buy just the body, and go with the 14 x 150? The second option is the limit of my budget, and for what I am doing, I don't want to travel back over there with more than one lens. I can always buy a lens if I had a specific situation, but I wanted to just get one camera lens combo that is weatherproof.

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