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Lumix G7 Time Lapse after the fact?

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  • Lumix G7 Time Lapse after the fact?

    I wonder if someone can tell me if there is a way to retro-actively create a video from the images created from a timelapse shoot?

    I set the time lapse for too short of a duration. So when the first shooting was complete I did not have it compile the photos into a video thinking that either adding another set would allow me to make a video of both sets or I could find a software function that would let me create the video after the fact.

    Then just before the next set was complete, the camera ran out of battery power. Doh!

    After re-charging and powering up again, I can find my timelapse sets of photos, but I can not seem to find a way to have the camera compile them into a video.

    Is there a way to A. join the two sets of timelapse photos into one long set AND B. get them to save as a video?

    Sorry I just got this camera and I am learning the ins and outs.


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    Re: Lumix G7 Time Lapse after the fact?

    Dude I was having the same issues... then I read your post and I saw that no one had replied and honestly looking all over the internet I couldn't find out how to create the time-lapse after I took them...

    but today I was going through the menus of my Panasonic G7 and I finally got it and I felt like I had to come back to this post and share it here... it's very simple!

    just go into the menus and go to the tab Playback, scroll down to the 2nd page and select Time Lapse Video... it will automatically find the time-lapse sequence and you select it and it will create a video for you!

    I hope that helps! happy shooting!


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      Re: Lumix G7 Time Lapse after the fact?

      Created an account just to thank you! Thanks man appreciate it