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GF5 vs Nikon J1

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  • GF5 vs Nikon J1

    Hi this is the fist post on this nice forum here.
    I am a nex user but I am looking for a more compact body that would fit in my jacket pocket for daily usage.

    I have got two offers from a local store
    the gf5 with the collapsible kit lens with: 210 euros
    or the nikon j1 with the collapsible kit lens: 160 euros

    which both are ok for my budget.
    Few concerns though :
    1. Does GF5 have a silent way to take shots? Like turn off shutter sound?
    2. Do you have an idea how good the collapsible kit lens is?
    3. How fast auto focus is?
    4. Do you think that it can nicely fit jacket pockets?
    5. One think that scares me is that if I buy the gf5 I get into the micro four third league that is considered to be very expensive.... while I find the nikon j1 lenses more affordable.

    I would like to thank you in advance for your help