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G5 or G6 which to get

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  • G5 or G6 which to get

    Hi all

    I am just about to pull the tigger on buying a couple of Lumix Cameras but need a bit of help deciding.

    I am going to get the GX7 and either the G5 or G6 but there is my problem, on paper the G5 looks to be better than the G6, for a start its now selling at nearly half the price but on paper it also has better features, it has a much higher FPS and Matrix metering with the G6 only listed as spot and centre weighted.

    What are your views on the comparison between the G5 & G6 is the G6 a lesser camera even though is nearly twice the price or is Jessops comparison chart wrong and the G6 does have functions equal or better than the G5.

    What are your views on these two and which is the better camera as obviously newer does not always mean better.

    Thanks for any input and help with this.


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    Re: G5 or G6 which to get

    The jessops comparison chart is wrong (now there's a surprise ).

    Both have the same metering and the G6 is 7 frames a second where as the G5 is 6 frames a second. I suggest you get your info from another source, just google Lumix G6 and G5 reviews.
    Regards Paul.
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      Re: G5 or G6 which to get

      Thanks for that.

      Do you know how the G6 is better than the G5 is it just an improved processor or is there anything else that has been improved.




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        Re: G5 or G6 which to get

        Here's a link to the hands-on report by Ian when the G6 was released. On the front page there is also a related link to his G5 report.
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