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  • G5 has arrived

    The G5 arrived today, I had a quick play at lunch, I was most perturbed at first because the EVF was like looking through a pin hole, about 1/2 the size of the G3 EVF and for the world of me I couldn't see how to change it so was almost going to return the camera, then I moved the diopter adjustment and suddenly the EVF screen leapt to full size...whew lol.
    The new ergonomics are good and now prefer it to the G3, the grip gives a bit more purchase. The extra function buttons and the lever are welcome, the lever alters exposure in PAS modes or alters the aperture in M mode. I've assigned fn3 button to ISO so now in M mode selecting the ISO is more straightforward, still wish it had auto ISO in M mode though.
    The screen/ EVF sensor is good too, didn't think I'd like it. The level indicator is handy and the camera now auto orientates photos when down loaded (although not down loaded anything yet).
    I guess current version of LR4.1 won't recognize G5 RAW files so can't do any RAW editing in LR yet, need to use the Pany software to convert RAW to TIFF in the interim and edit in LR after conversion.
    I'll get out tonight and play more and update later.

    If anyone wants to know anything about the camera just ask.

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    Re: G5 has arrived

    Well done Paul - you must be one of the first to get a G5. The continuous shooting rate has been improved too.

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