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VF-2 won't work with E-PM2...

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  • HELP! VF-2 won't work with E-PM2...

    I'm curious to know if anyone else has had the same problem as me in getting the VF-2 electronic viewfinder to work with this camera?

    The rather unappealing VF-3 works perfectly and the VF-2 is listed in the manual as being compatible with the E-PM2. Although the VF-2 works perfectly with my E-PM1, E-P3 and E-P5, nothing will induce it to work with the E-PM2 and I can't figure out why this should be the case.

    As you know, the image in the VF-2 is vastly superior to the one in the VF-3 and I can't justify the cost of the VF-4. I'm so used to the quality of the E-M1's EVF that the VF-3 is a serious disappointment though the VF-2 on the E-P5 is a lovely combination. I love the little E-PM2 - definitely a genuine improvement on its predecessor much as I enjoyed the portability of the E-PM1 - but it would be great to have a decent EVF. The VF-2 should work OK but it can't - is it only my camera that has this issue?