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Quality problem with my E-PL3

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  • Quality problem with my E-PL3


    I own a Olympus E-PL3 and I'm pretty satisfied with its handling, the speed and the focus.
    The quality is overwhole good.

    However I have quite an important problem when it comes to taking night pictures or even in just darker environments, the quality becomes extremely poor, blurry and very pixelized.
    It really makes taking pictures painful and frustrating. So before I decide to sell it back, I was wondering if there was a way to overcome this through setings and so.

    It might be pretty easy but being an amateur in this field, I just can't find a way.

    Thank you in advance for your help !

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    Re: Quality problem with my E-PL3

    When you say that the quality becomes poor and pixelated in low light, do you mean the quality of the photos you take, or the quality of the live view on the LCD? The live view does become grainy in dark environments, but it usually has to be very dark for it to get truly bad. If it's the picture quality that is giving you trouble, it may come down to the camera settings--ISO, mode, aperture, shutter speed, etc. Which issue is it, and what settings are you using?

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      Re: Quality problem with my E-PL3

      Better still post one of the offending images as a picture is worth a thousand words.

      I have a E-PL3 and don't have a problem with it, in fact I use it more than my DSLR now.
      Regards Paul.
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        Re: Quality problem with my E-PL3

        Paul is right - we can help by seeing one of your problem pictures

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          Re: Quality problem with my E-PL3

          Thank you very much for your answers !

          Here is one of my pictures

          I usually just use the automatic mode but I also tried to change the ISO but that didn't much... =S

          I also heard very good things about this camera hence why I got it and I also heard that it was pretty easy to use which for an amateur like me is quite a big factor. However so far my daylight photo are fine but once the light starts declining it gets really hectic...

          The photos look quite fine on the camera's screen at first but once you zoom you can spot the problem and it gets much definite on my computer's screen...


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            Re: Quality problem with my E-PL3

            There's something odd about this picture, it's portrait format yet when I "save as" into Windows gallery it appears as a very compressed landscape format panoramic ratio. I can't think why that should be or if it has any bearing on the general poor quality of the picture, but when I import into Adobe Photoshop Elements the correct proportions are retained.

            That little puzzle apart, I think the main culprit is the Auto Gradation setting. That or the shadows have been lifted manually by a substantial amount in processing. I say this because the shadows are very weak and the whole image suffers from poor contrast, when you would expect the opposite in a night scene with extremes of light and shadows. The histogram supports this as it shows a spike near the left margin and no shadow clipping, again not what I would expect from this sort of situation. My guess is that Auto Gradation is enabled and it has tried to pull detail from the shadows which would better be left as shadows. The result is poor contrast and loads of noise. Auto Gradation can help in some high contrast, brightly lit daytime situations but I'm no fan of it and think it is best switched off (i.e. set to "Normal"). This can be done either through the Super Control Panel (symbol that looks like an infinity symbol stood on end) or Menu 1 > Gradation > set to normal.

            You might also have got some camera movement at 1/13th second despite Image Stabilization. In low light situations its worth taking several as an insurance. Also I think there is some movement in the girl, something that Image Stabilization will not be able to correct.

            I can't do much to repair the damage done by Auto Gradation, but I have darkened the shadows and increased the contrast to give an idea of how the image might look otherwise.

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              Re: Quality problem with my E-PL3

              Thank you very much for your answer.

              I did have some trouble re-sizing the picture so that might be reason.

              So in the end, I just reset my camera. I'm not too sure if it actually did something the test pictures looked quite ok.
              I still need to try it "for real" though.
              Still, thank you very much for your help And hopefully, I will eventually be able to tame my camera ^^