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Solid but small case?

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  • Solid but small case?

    I am looking for a case which will allow me to safely store my EPL-1 with it's standard 14-42mm lens but without taking up too much bulk.

    I have seen some leather/fake leather form fitting cases on Ebay but most are not available in the UK.

    Does anyone have any of these or some recommendations?

    I have the retro Olympus PEN bag but find this too cumbersome when out and about.

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    Re: Solid but small case?

    I've bought loads from the Chinese, it always arrives promptly and is normally of good quality (for the price I've paid) You pay by PayPal so everything's guaranteed, tis simples!


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      Re: Solid but small case?

      eBay chinese stuff is wortwhile, usually good service (so far).

      I would look for a bridge camera case. Right now I'm using my old case for a Minolta dHi7, but it's too big, I can fit the 45-150mm zoom in it as well.

      I need to find that too for climbing. Leather cases would not be OK for me.
      Bodies: E510, E30, E-PL1, Lenses: 12-60mm, 14-54mm, 50-200mm, 35mm, EC-14, 14-42mmL, 40-150mm, MMF-2.