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E-PL1 & 14-150 combo - Wow!

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  • E-PL1 & 14-150 combo - Wow!

    I picked up my 14-150 micro 4/3rds lens yesterday from SRS microsystems in Watford & was anxious to see how well it would work on my E-PL1. It's quite a bit bigger than the 14-42 kit lens - and heavier too - but I actually found it was beautifully balanced. So I went out for a walk with my dog in the nearby fields and took these images. They're jpegs straight from the camera, re-sized & sharpened in Elements.

    My only criticism of the lens is that (despite using IS1) at 150mm it's best to use it with the VF-2 to avoid excessive camera shake - I have a persistent slight tremor which doesn't help! :\ I haven't had this problem with a longer lens on my dSLR 300mm lens. It seems to be more of an issue once the shutter speed falls a stop or two below the magic 35mm equivalent focal length figure, but hey, this is a great combination for anyone wanting an all-in-one versatile lens. And with those lovely Oly jpeg colours! And with a beautifully out of focus background! And with faster AF than the kit lens!

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    Re: E-PL1 & 14-150 combo - Wow!

    I also love the 40-150mm lens that came with my EPL-1 twin lens kit, it works great for my needs at present.