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Photographing fast moving birds

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  • Photographing fast moving birds

    I have a PEN E-PL1 which I use for bird photographs, using the Zuiko 75-300 zoom. VF_4 viewfinder.
    I struggle to get sharp photos and the viewfinder struggles to see the bird that I want to focus on, even when it is in the centre of the screen. I use Sequential and WB Auto, and aperture control setting, 1.3 f6.3 with ISO1600.
    Can anyone suggest either what I'm doing wrong, or how I can get the best from the camera please?
    I like the ease of carrying this combination, but the quality of image is starting to exasperate me, and I'm considering migrating off to Canon. Help!

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    Re: Photographing fast moving birds

    Try to use shutter priority instead and set the speed hmm... you need to test it what is good for you, start for example 1/250s and then go faster or slower.
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