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finding the right lens for a gift

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  • HELP! finding the right lens for a gift

    I am trying to locate a good PEN E-PL1 Micro Four Thirds lens that will allow the widest range of zoom. I am not too smart on the terminology used in lenses (like f stops and mm, etc), but want to get a gift for an E-PL1 user. His current zoom is good for mid-range to far, but he can't pull it back enough to catch items as they move closer in. For example a vehicle far away that drives past you; he can get it from afar as it approaches but it fills the frame as it gets near and passes by.
    What lens should I look for that will allow the best combo of zoom and closer work?

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    Re: finding the right lens for a gift

    That depends on what lens he uses now. If he does have some tele-lens like 40-150, something wider like 14-42 or 12-50 may help him (lower number means wider lens), but it means to switch lenses between shooting, which may not be ideal for what he shoots. If there is need of something more universal, then Oly 14-150 or Panasonic 14-140 are the only options, I think.
    Regards, Pavel.

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      Re: finding the right lens for a gift

      If he currently has one of the "kit" zoom lenses, like the 14-42, then what he really needs is a wide-angle zoom. There are two such lenses available for Micro Four Thirds. The Panasonic 7-14 is the widest, and an excellent lens, but quite expensive. The Olympus 9-18 is not quite as wide, but more affordable (though still not cheap). Note that there is also a 4/3 Olympus 9-18, if you shop for one, be sure you're looking at the micro version.

      The big question at this point is which lens your E-PL1 user already has. Is there a way that you can find out?

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