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  • Extra lenses. . . . .

    I just picked up and EPL 1 used and so far love it. Not that I'll be giving up my E620. But the compact size of the Pen is amazing.
    I've been looking online at the options for extra lenses for the new camera. Has any one use or even played with the new Sigma offerings? I've used Sigma lenses before with good results. . .
    How bad is the CA on the Olympus 17 mm? I remember back in H.S. using a 35 mm Pentax lens and loving it as a walk around lens. And it was and F4 or F3.5 I can remember, but that size really caught my eye. . . . .
    Thank you very much in advance for any and all advice. . . .

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    Re: Extra lenses. . . . .

    A lot of people swear by the 17mm pancake it's one of my least-favourite lenses. Sharpness is poor in the corners compared to the centre, for a start. It's also a lens that exhibits noticeable CA. I'm less worried about that because Lightroom can now automatically fix CA very effectively. I think this is a lens that prized for its form factor and focal length rather than its optical quality. On the other hand it's not a terrible lens, just not of the same standard that we usually expect from Olympus.

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      Re: Extra lenses. . . . .

      Thank you Ian, I'm going to see if I can find the Sigma lenes here in town. . . . The one shop say's that they are going to carry them. . . . . .


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        Re: Extra lenses. . . . .

        I haven't tried the new Sigmas, but the reviews I've seen have been very favorable. They seem to agree that the build quality is quite good and the optics are excellent, all for a great price. I would definitely choose the Sigma 19mm over the Olympus 17mm.

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          Re: Extra lenses. . . . .

          The m.Zuiko 17mm/2.8 is always compared to the Lumix 20mm/1.7 because those were the first two pancakes made for the system. It's true that the Lumix is somewhat sharper and faster, but the thing about CA is this... Panasonic has from day 1 included mandatory CA (and distortion) correction in their RAW files, and all RAW converters except DNG readers correct this CA automatically with no other option. The CA exhibited by the Olympus lens is purely optical with no correction. It's not fair to compare it with a software-corrected Panasonic lens, unless you compare the file AFTER it's had CA correction applied through Lightroom or something.

          Granted, for an Olympus lens we should still expect better. My Zuiko 25mm/2.8 pancake doesn't exhibit CA or distortion, and its performance is purely optical. The m.Zuiko lens however was the first pancake made for a new format with an extremely short register. This requires a completely different optical design.
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            Re: Extra lenses. . . . .

            I have just spent a week shooting an Olympus 17mm and about 3 days shooting the Panasonic 20mm. For the price I'm not very impressed. The Olympus lens isn't up to the standards that I've come to expect from them. . . . The Panasonic is only marginally better. Over all the only area that the Panasonic lens beats the Olympus lens is in speed.
            I just looked at both the 19 & 30mm Lenses from Sigma. Both seem to be really well made and handle very well. At the prices that they are selling at I think I'll pick up one of each. . . . The reviews on the Sigma lenses state that there is a rattle (there is when not mounted) and that they are slower to focus. (They are but not by much.)