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E-P3 Touchscreen bug?

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  • E-P3 Touchscreen bug?

    DPReview recently posted their in-depth review of the E-P3. Other than my continued disappointment over Olympus' use of the same old sensor (I know, they claim that it's a new version . . . the RAW test results disagree . . .), dpreview experienced a bug with the touchscreen:

    "The E-P3 represents Olympus's first implemention of a touch screen on the PEN series, and perhaps not surprisingly it comes with a couple of bugs, at least under FW 1.0. These occur under conditions when no touch functions are available: then if you hold the camera such that you're touching the screen, most of the controls will freeze and become inoperable. Luckily the one exception is the shutter button, so the camera will still autofocus and take a picture."

    Full details on the issue can be found here:

    This seems like a serious problem. It seems as though it would come up constantly when using the EVF, especially by one who has a prominent proboscis (sizeable schnoz? . . .) Has anyone else experienced this freezing issue, and does anyone (Ian?) know if Olympus have a remedy for it?

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    Re: E-P3 Touchscreen bug?

    Yes, it happens also when I accidentally touch the screen with the thumb of my left hand when I hold the camera in two hands. The camera does not freeze or anything, the control wheels just don't react any more. They come right back when I take my finger or nose off the screen though.
    It's annoying, but not too difficult to get used to. The viewfinder (VF-2) gives enough room to keep my (ample) nose off the screen.
    I bought a small rubber grip (G1 from flipbac) to stick on the left side of the camera to give my thumb some support off the screen. I haven't applied it yet because I'm also deliberating if I want the Aki-Asahi skin, and that would need to be applied first.
    It sounds worse than it is for me, but that can of course be different for others.
    Some of my pictures can be viewed here.


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      Re: E-P3 Touchscreen bug?

      Firmware update to resolve the VF2 / touch-screen bug released.
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