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  • Micro photography

    I need to shoot butterfly eggs (1mm) and the caterpillar that emerges (~2mm). With bellows, at that close distance, for the caterpillar (won't keep still) I have small flash units like I once used with my OM1.

    I see for sale "Wireless hot-shoe trigger set with receiver for DSLR Canon, Nikon, Pentax, ".
    Will this work with my OM-D E-M5 ?? Any advice anyone?

    PS I have tried using a Metz15 MS-1 but I suspect its too close and seems to reflect (bounce) into the lens somewhat (a milky picture).

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    Re: Micro photography

    Have you tried cutting down the power on the15 MS-1 or putting a tissue as a diffuser? What lens are you using?

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      Re: Micro photography

      The subjects are no longer alive, so I can't repeat the shots. I need to do more practice; however I'll try a) weaker flash and b) diffuser.

      Lenses used are: OM 50mm macro, 50mm macro reversed, 20mm macro. My 60mm 4/3 macro has no adapter for the OM bellows (??)

      My question about the shoe trigger set remains unanswered; meantime thanks!


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        Re: Micro photography

        I DiY a lot of things to get the pictures I want, including things like this:

        I too use a Bellows Macro and have a SunPak ring flash that goes down to 1/125th power.

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          Re: Micro photography

          Graham: Thanks that looks interesting.

          I still would like to know if these trigger/receiver sets would work on the E-M5