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What do you think of the E-M1X?

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  • What do you think of the E-M1X?

    Olympus E-M1X.
    I have seen that a few have that camera. I’m interested in what you think of it. When they first introduced it, I was very disappointed. Same Sensor as the E-M1 mark II, same processor, but two of them, same VF, same screen and the same video specifications. Still, I bought one and gave my E-M1 mark II to my wife.
    After using it for around eight months, I must say I’m really happy with it and some of the things people don’t like about it, perhaps can be fixed with firmware. They did so with the E-M1 mark II that with the new firmware really is a new camera compared to when it was first launched.
    I know a lot of people complain about the size of the E-M1X, but I really like the size, it fits my hands like a glove.
    Then there are all those unique Olympus features like Hand Held High Resolution, Live Composite, Pro Capture, Live ND and lots of other things.
    The autofocus is really good, and I really like using it with my m.zuiko 300/f4.0
    Are the E-M1 mark II and E-M1X god enough? After seeing what Petr Bambousek can achieve with these cameras, you know you have lots, lots to learn before you outgrow these cameras!
    Here is a link to his amazing photos:

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    It's a fine piece of kit and I'm pleased that Olympus has embraced machine learning and neutral net processing for the AF and you are one of many that concur it's a definite improvement. I'm sure it does handle well, but I personally don't want anything bigger than the E-M1 ii and I'm not alone in that thought So I hope Olympus will produce an E-M1 iii in the same form factor as the ii.

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      Hi Bo -

      After a few weeks I am getting more used to the many settings and the camera seems to enjoy producing some pretty good results. I'm sure as time travels it will be a greater joy to use.
      Like you I also make great use of the E-M1 mkii quite often.
      The M-1X tracking is quite a boon for birds and with the Olympus glass the results superb.