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E-M1 passes water resistance test

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  • E-M1 passes water resistance test

    Unsurprisingly, the E-M1 Mark II passed a splash and water mist resistance test done by Imaging Resource recently. A Sony, on the other hand, did not fare so well.

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    Re: E-M1 passes water resistance test

    Being so much bigger the other cameras have more nooks and crannies through which the water can get in.

    Another example of "Less is More"

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      Re: E-M1 passes water resistance test

      I'm not at all surprised that the Olympus (and Nikon and Canon) passed the test without difficulty. I am surprised that the Sony did so poorly. It makes me wonder what tests Sony did before they claimed that their camera is weather-proof. Not that I was going to buy a Sony anyway . . .

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        Re: E-M1 passes water resistance test

        I have always had great confidence in the OLY cameras when it comes to water resistance..i don't think twice about using it in the rains..have also washed them under running tap-water after a dusty day. ..

        On one occasion a 12-40 pro lens had actually fallen into a very cold shallow took me some time and guts to step into the 3 feet deep chilled water to retrieve it.
        on another occasion my 12-60 SWD(FT lens) had fallen off my bag and lay all night in rain on a forest patch..found it next morning..
        ..both are still working.

        One difficulty i've had though with the EM1 body: the accessory socket beneath/behind the Flash mount if left exposed to water can ruin the electronics inside. (have lost one em1 because of this)

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