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New body or better lens???

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    Re: New body or better lens

    The most cost effective way to improve your photography? Buy a tripod (if you don't have one already)!
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      Re: New body or better lens

      Even though I have an Olympus E-3 - I still use my E-510 almost daily as my carry around camera, as well as use it for much of my professional work when I am using 2 cameras for holding 2 different lenses. I have almost a whole year of weddings in 2007/2008 before I got my E-3, where my E-510 was a primary camera for my work. While I would not disagree that there aren't better bodies - obviously I see few limitations as far as the abilities of my E-510 to produce images that I am satisfied with and that I can sell for a hefty price.

      Same goes for lenses. I just didn't happen to buy my camera bodies with the kit lenses - but after the fact wished that I did - - - and was even tempted to go buy them extra. When I had my E-500 a few years ago, I bought it with the 2 kit lenses and loved using them (especially the tele) and never desired anything more. I sold all of that stuff though before deciding to go 100% back to Olympus a year later.

      I do use my 70-300 a lot and would suggest that if you really want a lens that will give some extra reach - that is a relatively cost effective and reasonable size option. The image quality is great and the 200 to 300 range can really be put to use in nature and in portraits. I have used that lens with my E-510 to take thousands upon thousands of shots. - - - Testing New Olympus 140-600mm (70-300) lens :

      But as mentioned by others - unless you just have money burning a hole in your pocket, just stick with what you have and hone your skills by making use of all the features the E-520 has and even pushing the boundaries to compensate for what it doesn't have. That is the only investment that will make a noticeable difference in the quality and content of your images.
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        Re: New body or better lens


        The advice from Robert Walker is well said, and from one of the many (and one of the best) living, walking, breathing rebuttles here on this forum to all the Canikon junkies out there. Definately check out what he does with his "lowly 510".

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          Re: New body or better lens

          Older 35mm film photographers usually suggest lenses first as the way to upgrade a kit as the bodies back then essentially only held the film and its hard to break that thought pattern. Today the camera is a more integral part of the process with new sensors, features, etc. so should probably rate higher in the hierarchy. As well, your computer, printer and software will probably contribute greatly to the quality and type of photos you shoot in post processing and in the final presentation be it prints or DVD's, etc. Also, some good lighting, usually a flash and also grip, usually a tripod. There is lots more in the form of filters, bags, batteries and on and on.......

          A good strategy is change any of the above components when you have understood and used its features to the limit and need/want something else. Learn the capabilities of each, you may not require a longer zoom if the camera supplies shots that can be cropped tighter in post processing, etc.

          One of the ways to find those limits is give yourself challenges, such as this week I'm going to get a good bird shot. First, what constitutes a "good" bird shot, perhaps things like sharp focus on eye, detail in feathers, pose, etc. Once you have that figured out, go out and shoot, see where your problems are and go from there. Next week, good formal portrait and so on........

          On the other hand, new stuff is always fun and provides a degree of satisfaction that sometimes doesn't have anything to do with the photos you produce but adds to the enjoyment of the hobby in its own right. Like a new car, probably doesn't get you to town any faster than the old one but man' oh' man I love that new car smell.....................
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            Re: New body or better lens

            As others have said, there is not a huge quality difference between the E520 and E620, etc. You'd be far better off buying new lenses which make your camera more versatile. I highly recommend the 9-18. It's a fantastic lens and it allows you to do new things with your photography.

            Unlike zoom, which is just really 'closer than you got before', wide angle really offers something different. I'd say other than the jump from a non-DSLR to my E1, buying the 9-18 has been the thing which offered the most dramatic change in what I could do, photography wise.


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              Re: New body or better lens

              if a new body then there is only 1 way to go - E5 (i took the other way towards E1 and left 520 to my wife). now ordered 35mm macro that should be somewhere in my homecountry, i so wanna get back to home. next thing is to get sigma 30 f1.4 (probably not before than autumn unless a good bargain gets to aftermarket) then the budget kit is as good as it gets (current set is written below)... well atleast to me
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